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We develop fully featured custom business automation software to help run your company. We also provide web site hosting and development, and computer repair.
  • Our mailing address:
    Akita Technologies
    P.O. Box 3477
    McDonough, GA 30253
  • Phone: 1-770-898-1978
  • E-Mail:

  • We develop custom software, tailored to your specific needs as a business owner. Daily time consuming tasks are automated so you can spend your time on more constructive work.

    Click the "Take Tour" button below to get a brief understanding of some of the things we are capable of. Contact us for a 30 minute meeting so we can give you a full presentation and answer any questions you have. Business automation software communicates directly with your included interactive web site.

  • Average monthly fee: $1,500.00

  • We develop all sorts of websites tailored to the specific needs of the business owner. Accept credit cards, use PayPal, or even calculate current shipping rates for mail order products we can help.

    Average monthly fee: $200.00

    Computer problems? You can allow us to control your computer remotely to fix most computer problems by downloading and running ( Akita Support Utility)

    Please call before attempting to connect to Akita Support to make sure a representative is available to complete your connection.

    We dont sell computer parts or computer systems in bulk, however we can point you to some of our affiliates or specialty order computer parts and systems.
    Average hourly fee: $60.00

    Here we have listed some of our recent works and given a brief description of what they are for. Click a link to see the web site in action.

  • Akita Meeting
    Akita Meeting is a Java based meeting software program to allow members of like businesses a forum to discuss ideas. The meeting software lets the meeting presenter choose the pace of the meeting by selecting which comments or quesitons given by the participants will be answerd and in which order.
  • Akita SafeWeb
    Akita SafeWeb is a web monitoring tool for library's, companies, and schools. From your computer you can capture screen shots of other computers on your network, and manage what web sites people can visit.
    LottoDuck is a neat little lottery software program we wrote. Origionally we wrote this for ourselves, but when more and more people asked to use it we decided to turn it live for the public.
  • is a dedicated teaching aid. This site helps teachers communicate tests, homework assignments, and more with other teachers around the nation.

  • Many of you are working more than an average 40 hour work week. We created the 'Moment of Moo' just for you. When you get stressed out come and watch the cow, and listen to some soft music to settle down.

    W2R.COM is our test site, this is where we do all of our development for our clients before turning their site live. The page you are on now is our home page and changes often depending on what we are testing. We thought it would be fun to add something off-beat to this page to give it more of a freindly feel.

    Eventually we will add new support to this page if you would like to add your own hand drawn critters placed on a real image backdrop, and we will rotate the images on page hit. If you want to send me your image for use on our site send it in an e-mail to:

    Your Moment of moo.